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Love Through Tea

How do you express love through tea? Believe it or not, tea can send a powerful message to someone. Here are ways you can express love through tea:

If you make a cup of tea for someone with their exact preferences it shows that you care about the person. That you have taken the time to know their preference and that you pay attention to them. It’s a way of getting to know someone.

When you make a cup of tea for someone because they are upset or stressed. Not because you happen to be getting yourself a cuppa but because you’re concerned or just feel like that person deserves a good cuppa. You’re giving that person a hug in a mug.

When you share a pot of tea with someone, you’re sharing a moment together. Although gossip or chatter may happen when you share a pot, one may also pour their heart out to you over a pot of tea. When someone vents, they’re pouring their heart out because they trust you. Alternatively, even just hanging out and having a cup of tea together is the best feeling.

This Valentine’s Day, express your love or friendship to someone you care about and make them a cup of tea or enjoy a cuppa together.


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