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National Hot Tea Month 2023

January is a perfect month for celebrating hot tea. January is cold, dreary, and drab. Each January since 2015 has been National Hot Tea Month.

Want to join in celebrating National Hot Tea Month? Here some of these fun and easy ways:

Talk about tea

Have a discussion amongst your fellow tea-lovers about tea. Have you tried any new teas lately? Is hot tea better than iced tea? Ask away!

Try something new in your tea

If you normally drink your tea a certain way, why not do something different for a change of pace? If you normally drink your tea with cow’s milk, then maybe try a plant based milk like almond or oat. Maybe you take sugar in your tea? What about trying it with honey?

Just drink tea!

Even if you don’t normally have a cup of tea that often, it’s nice to have a cup once in a while. It doesn’t even have to be anywhere fancy. Enjoy tea in the comfort of your own home (which is honestly the best place to have a good cuppa). Put on your coziest pajamas and robe and sit down in your favorite chair. Watch something you’ve been wanting to watch or read a good book. Hot tea will put you in a relaxing mood, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

Buy some tea!

Are you out of your favorite tea or want to try that Yunnan tea you’ve been eyeing? You’re in luck because throughout January 2023 you can enjoy our English Tea Store line of teas for 15% off! Use code HOTTEA* at checkout.


*Must be logged in to use the code at checkout. Ends Tuesday, January 31st, 2023.

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