Really Steep Tea

When it comes to tea, the word “steep” can have several meanings. The most common of these, of course, is as a verb – to steep your tea by soaking the leaves or a tea bag in hot water so that you can drink it. You could also use “steep” as an adjective, as in “steep tea,” or tea that is meant only for those with truly deep pockets.

While an expensive tea might be worth the cost in the long run, is an outlandishly expensive tea worth the inflated price? For example, London’s Telegraph recently featured a brief article about the Kitchen at the Circle restaurant, in Manchester, which is currently offering a pot of tea that carries a rather substantial price tag of £25. Which, as someone has calculated, apparently works out to £1 for each sip of tea. For those not up to snuff on their British currency, this works out to just under 39 US dollars per pot or about $1.55 per sip.

Which ain’t no small chunk of change, of course, but is it worth it? Well, the only way to really be sure would be to sample some of this elixir, which is made from Mariage Freres Sacred White tea. This is said to be “farmed at a secret estate in Sri Lanka and according to ancient tradition only women can pick the leaves using gloves and golden scissors.” Which sounds more like a quaint legend designed to give product an aura of mystery than the real deal, but who’s to say? For more thoughts on this legend, refer to Sri Lanka’s Sunday Times.

On a related note, luxury-products-Web site Luxist recently announced that Trump Tea has hit the market. Yes, the waiting is over. If the name sounds familiar, it should. The line of flavored teas is a joint production of Talbott Teas and none other than the Donald himself – the publicity-shy Mr. Donald Trump. Alas, Trump Tea’s looks to be rather reasonably priced, at a surprisingly affordable $12.95 per tin.

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