Review of Golden Moon White Ginger

Name: White Ginger

Brand: Golden Moon

Type: White tea, flavored

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Golden Moon’s White Ginger combines a very nice white tea (white peony) with ginger root. The result is a sweet, slightly fruity tea with a subtle, but definite, ginger kick. It’s light bodied liquor is a pretty, pale yellow, with a subtle ginger nose.

Now I will warn hard-core ginger lovers that this tea doesn’t pack a huge level of pungent ginger heat. Unlike many flavored white teas, you can actually taste the sweet, fruity white tea in this blend. The ginger doesn’t overwhelm the tea: It compliments it. Frankly, I regard this as no mean feat given the delicacy of white tea flavor, (though I’ve noticed that Golden Moon is pretty good at achieving this kind of balance in its blends). This is a tea for thoughtful sipping, and a nifty “transitional” tea for white tea newbies.

Do let this tea cool down a bit before slurping it down. I find that the flavors really begin to emerge after the freshly brewed tea is allowed to sit for about five minutes. I do not, however, encourage preparing this tea with cooler water, for reasons explained below.

Food Pairings: This is an excellent tea to serve, hot or iced, with Asian food.  As an iced tea, try it with a green salad or a cold sandwich.

Preparation Tips: Brewing this tea can get a bit tricky. Generally, white teas do better when steeped at lower temperatures, while herbals need hotter water to extract flavor. This tea is flavored with ginger root, which really does benefit from being steeped in boiling or near boiling water. I’d recommend steeping at around 200F-195F, and being conservative on the steep time. Try steeping for 1 minute, and if the tea isn’t strong enough, try another minute. Incidentally, while the ginger flavor diminishes with a second infusion, the tea itself remains quite tasty.

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