Tea Gadgets

Do you love your tea gadgets? Well, then, you’re in luck, since there seem to be new ones hitting the market just about every day.

Take wacky novelty tea infusers, for instance. It’s not too hard to figure out what the Sharky Tea Infuser is all about and it’s actually one of the more clever novelty items I’ve run across lately (cue the music to Jaws, please). As for this Mr. Tea teaware set – I can’t quite figure out if it’s the real deal or just a clever Photoshop trick. Judge for yourself right here.

Are you looking for a tea cup that will “help you make the perfect cup of tea, and solve the problem of storing your tea bags.” That would be the also quite clever Revolutionary Tea Cup, which comes to us courtesy of an enterprising Russian designer.

But can tea be used to make clothing, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself? Why certainly it can. London’s Telegraph recently reported on a type of fabric that is grown in vats of tea. No, it’s not an excerpt from a new science fiction book – it’s the real thing.

Green tea is not just for drinking anymore. It’s been turning up in a variety of cosmetic and healthcare products for a while now and there’s yet another one that recently hit the market. It’s a green tea face mask and you can read more about it in this press release.

If you’re fond of using your tea leaves to tell the future, then you’ll be interested in this article from the Australian press about a “an iPhone application for virtual tea-leaf reading.” Although purists may scoff at the gadget, which operates thus, “users turn their virtual tea cup around and tap on it three times before Ms Barker-Revell [the app’s creator] reveals a computer-generated leaf pattern and explains its meaning.” Ain’t technology wonderful?

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