Review — Golden Moon Darjeeling

Golden Moon DarjeelingName: Darjeeling

Brand: Golden Moon

Type: Black tea, Darjeeling

Form: Loose leaf

Review: What a scrumptious tea!

The dry leaf of Golden Moon’s Darjeelingsmells strongly of mixed nuts, and has the characteristic Darjeeling “look” of small, somewhat broken leaf in varied colors. Some of the leaves range from very dark to light brown, while a few olive green leaves are also scattered throughout the blend. The tea infuses to a lovely honey-amber color, with a continued nutty nose.

On the palate, the tea is medium-bodied, slightly sweet, and, once again, quite nutty, though also possessing some fruit notes: As expected from a good Darjeeling, the muscatel flavor is quite present, though there is also a hint of stewed apples as well. In combination with the sweet nutty notes, the fruit notes give this tea a lush, decadent quality. The tea also has a lingering, somewhat savory aftertaste. Delicious.

I’m looking forward to buying more of this tea to have on hand for regular consumption. It is a wonderful all-around Darjeeling, and all-around tea that works equally well as an afternoon sipper as well as an accompaniment to a light breakfast. Highly recommended.

Food Paring Tips: This tea is balanced enough to drink on its own, but it’s sweet nuttiness also makes it great with food, particularly breadstuffs and sweet snacks. If you are planning a traditional afternoon tea party, Golden Moon Darjeeling would be a great black tea choice.

Preparation Tips: Darjeeling quickly becomes bitter and disagreeable if improperly brewed. While I suspect that Golden Moon Darjeeling is more forgiving than most, it can still be ruined if you aren’t paying attention. Water temperature should be around 205F, and don’t let it steep for more than 2.5 minutes for best results. A bit fussy, perhaps, but the resulting tea is worth the extra effort.

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