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Review — Stash White Christmas White Tea

White Christmas White TeaName: White Christmas White Tea

Brand: Stash Tea

Type: White tea, flavored

Form: Paper tea bag, individually wrapped

Review: The holidays are often a time of heavy, rich food that isn’t so easy on either the digestive system or the waistline. Simple, non-alcoholic, teas and tisanes can lighten the mood a bit while still maintaining holiday cheer. For “White Christmas,” Stash blended a white tea with ginger and peppermint and the results are quite pleasing.

The tea infuses to a lovely gold color with a crisp nose of peppermint. On the palate, the peppermint dominates, and combined with the sweetness of ginger and white tea, reminds me a bit of a candy cane (but without the calories). I don’t taste a lot of ginger, though I do detect a big of tang at the finish. The flavor of the white tea is also somewhat muted, though the inclusion of true tea gives this tea some body (it is still a very light-bodied tea). Definitely a tea for mint-lovers. If you don’t like mint, buy another tea.

Recommendation: A good tea for drinking after a meal, as the peppermint and ginger are quite good at soothing the tummy and it’s light body won’t contribute to feeling “stuffed”. I personally find that mint reduces my appetite as well, so if you are concerned about over-eating during the holidays try sipping this tea before your holiday meals.

Preparation Tips: Bring the water temperature down a bit when making this tea. Most white teas don’t do well when prepared with boiling water, and this one is no exception. Don’t, in the name of all that’s holy, let this tea steep for the 3-5 minutes that Stash recommends, or you’ll end up with what is essentially a cup of caffeinated mint tea. A 45 second steep should suffice.

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