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November 23, 2010

  • Tea, Caffeine, and Hydration

    There’s never a shortage of news reports about the assorted and sundry health benefits tea can provide. Many such reports have appeared in these very pages. And while it’s a good idea to take the sometimes miraculous health claims many merchants make for tea with a grain of salt, there’s also good reason to believe… Continue reading

  • Teaviews: Tea Reviews for the Masses

    The United States is not a particularly tea-centric culture. There’s a tidbit that should come as no news flash to anyone. But even if we take this into consideration, it’s important to remember that we Americans have access to a staggering variety of tea. It may be the junky stuff in tea bags that we… Continue reading

  • Tea Traditions — Russia

    Russians took up tea drinking long before the Dutch began trading with China for it. No surprise. Russia spans two continents — Europe and Asia — and borders China, the source of the tea. Caravans reached them easily on the “Great Tea Road” (part of the famous “Silk Road”), carrying that special cargo. At first… Continue reading

  • The Quest for Good Tea

    There’s no accounting for taste and everyone likes what they like and that’s that. Or is it? If there are people who say that they don’t like tea, it’s possible that they have simply never had the chance to taste good tea. Which is not surprising given the state of tea in many parts of… Continue reading

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