Review — Stash Fusion Red, White and Blueberry “Tea”

Stash FusionName: Fusion Red, White & Blueberry Tea

Brand: Stash Tea

Type: White tea, rooibos blend, flavored

Form: Paper tea bags, individually wrapped

Review: One of my cardinal rules is to never eat or drink something just because it is supposed to be “healthy”. This rule is even more rigorously applied to tea, as I’ve encountered a whole lot of swill packaged as “health food” and foisted upon a gullible public. Is tea good for you? Perhaps, but the jury is still out on its direct health benefits. On the other hand, it is a tasty, calorie-free beverage that may have some benefits in the form of antioxidants, and there is little known harm in drinking the stuff. Just make sure that the tea you drink tastes good.

Fusion Red, White & Blueberry Tea tastes good.

It’s also supposed to be healthy, as its base of white tea and rooibos have some interesting antioxidants, as do blueberries. Even better, the combo is really quite tasty. White tea and blueberry flavor have always been one of my favorite matches, and the same holds for the combination of rooibos and blueberry. The whole lot of them together, with a bit of lemongrass for extra tang, is a hot, sweet, fruity delight.

Try it.

Recommendation: This tea is sweet enough to make a good snack: Don’t bother eating anything with it, though, as you’ll lose its subtlety. Try it on ice, but make sure you use enough teabags to get some decent flavor. Don’t bother to cold-brew, though, as the blueberry will dominate and the rooibos won’t develop well in cold water.

Preparation Tips: Preparing this sort of blend is tricky, as white tea really needs cooler temperatures to avoid scorching, while rooibos benefits from boiling water. Steep this tea at a compromise temperature of about 195F for no longer than a minute for good results.

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