Flu Fighting Tea & Aphrodisiac Tea

With flu season pretty much upon us, this is as good a time as any to discuss the interesting notion that tea might be able to help us ward off this malady. That’s green tea, everyone’s favorite wonder elixir, to be more specific, and you don’t even have to drink it to get these beneficial effects. Though why you wouldn’t want to drink it…

So what else can you do with green tea besides drink it? Well, move over Listerine. According to a group of Japanese researchers, you can gargle with it. A study conducted at the University of Shizuoka found that test subjects who gargled with green tea three times a day for a total of three months were not as likely to get flu than those who didn’t partake in this practice.

Scientists attribute all of this wondrous stuff to catechins, a beneficial compound found especially in green tea but also in other types of tea. Further research in this area is currently being carried out on a group of 600 teenagers. For more on this topic, be sure to check out this article in the Daily Mail.

If you’ve succeeded in fighting off the flu with tea then you don’t have to worry about being a carrier and perhaps can turn your thoughts to another claim for tea. It might seem a bit farfetched to imagine that tea could be an “Aphrodisiac in a Cup” but then again, who are we to say?

According to a press release that recently turned up in the San Francisco Chronicle, the makers of Apricot Chai are making some pretty lofty claims for this elixir. As they put it, it’s a blend of “components deeply rooted in aphrodisiacal history.” These include black tea, peaches, apricots, vanilla beans, citrus peels, ginger root and cloves. Okay, then.

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