Blend Your Own Tea

Have you ever come to the realization that you’re not particularly impressed with any of the numerous varieties of tea currently on the market? That would be kind of hard to believe, given the sheer numbers of tea varieties that are available. But if you ever do find yourself in such a position you need not despair at the notion of having to go tea-less. Just go ahead and blend your own teas to come up with something that fits your needs.

One way to do this is to take several teas and mix and match to come up with your desired end result. While this is a great method, to end up with something you like it can potentially require that you have access to a large number of teas. On the other hand, you could keep it simple and turn to a number of retailers who offer customers the ability to blend their own tea.

Take the appropriately name Madam Potts, for instance, who offers Personliteas at her site. Simply fill out a questionnaire on your tea drinking and related preferences and the Madam will take it from there. Tea blends are available in loose of tea bagged form.

If you prefer to decide exactly what goes into your blend, then there are a few online retailers who give you this ability. At Design A Tea you can choose a base tea and add any flavors that might sound appealing. Which is pretty much the same situation at Adagio Teas, where you can mix and match a wide variety of teas and flavors at will.

You can’t blend your own teas at Zoombweebies’ 52teas, but they do create “a new, limited edition, hand-crafted artisan tea blend every week.” They’re also the geniuses behind ManTeas, where you can get your hands on such delightful treats as Maple Bacon Tea, Beer Tea and Jalapeno Tea.

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