Review — Republic of Tea’s Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

The Republic of Tea "Cinnamon Orange Red Tea"
The Republic of Tea "Cinnamon Orange Red Tea"

Name: Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

Brand: The Republic of Tea

Type: Rooibos, flavored

Form: Paper tea bags

Review: Those who are fond of rooibos (called “Red Tea” by the folks at The Republic of Tea), but don’t like artificial flavors or sweeteners may find this conveniently packaged blend to be a good option. The Republic of Tea used a fairly intense rooibos as a base for this blend, and then added some orange peel, cinnamon and cinnamon/orange flavors. Unlike some orange-cinnamon teas and tisanes, this is not a particularly sweet cup. Instead, it is likely to appeal to those who would rather taste the rooibos and cinnamon as they are.

This tea infuses to a dark, medium-bodied liquor with a nose that is a blend of cinnamon and a slight honey note from the rooibos. I really don’t detect much of the orange in either the nose or the palate. There may be a slight orange backnote at the finish, but this tea is more about the cinnamon and rooibos. If you are not a rooibos lover, pass on this one, because the added flavors don’t conceal the slightly pungent and woody flavors of the rooibos. In fact, the cinnamon, which is as un-candy-like as it could possibly be in this tisane, seems to enhance these qualities in the rooibos.

Preparation Tips: The cinnamon/orange flavor takes awhile to develop, so be sure to give these teabags a long steep. I like strong flavors, so I found that two tea bags per cup of hot water worked very nicely, though it isn’t necessary to double up to get good flavor. Use boiling water to prepare Cinnamon Orange Red Tea.

Serving Tips: Awesome as a caffeine free coffee substitute, both because of its strong, rich flavor and it’s dark color. Very nice on ice, as well.

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