Review of The Republic of Tea’s “Get Relaxed”

The Republic of Tea "Get Relaxed"
The Republic of Tea "Get Relaxed"

Name: Get Relaxed

Brand: Republic of Tea

Type: Rooibos blended with herbs

Form: Paper tea bags (stringless)

Review: Part of The Republic Of Tea’s “wellness” blends, this tisane is made from a base of rooibos (which The Republic of Tea calls “red tea”) and blend of linden flowers, passionflower, chamomile, lavender, rose and eleuthero root. While I am not going to venture an opinion on the effectiveness of these botanicals in addressing stress or bringing about relaxation, I can say that this tisane is really delicious, and I would recommend drinking regardless of your stress level.

Unlike some blends that contain lavender, this tisane is not overwhelmed by that flower, though it is quite pleasantly obvious. The blend has a lovely, sweet floral flavor with a buttery backnote (probably from the chamomile) that is extremely soothing and surprisingly complex. I don’t taste much rooibos in this, which is probably all for the best. I figure that it mainly contributes some body and sweetness, neither of which is a bad thing.

Preparation Tips:Try using slightly cooled (200F) water with this tisane, as its florals may not take so well to super-high temperatures. Also, florals can take on a disagreeable “soapy” taste if used in too-high concentrations, so be careful when experimenting with the number of teabags or the amount of water you use.

Serving Tips: This is mighty tasty served the old-fashioned way, meaning hot and in a mug or cup. However, it also makes for a darn tasty iced tisane, particularly with all  that lovely rose and lavender.

Warning: As with all herbal blends, it is a good idea to read labels and to be extra cautious if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications. While the herbs used in “Get Relaxed” are generally regarded as safe,  some people do have allergies to them, and there is always the possibility of drug interactions.

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