Tea Time Looping

My tea time seems to be on a continuous loop quite often. No, it’s not one of those time travel type loops. There is no danger that, by changing one small thing in the past, when I return to the future my kitchen will be upside down or all my teapots inside out. The effects of this type of looping, though, can be just as disconcerting.

The one thing that bothers me about movies involving time travel is the time looping where events that took place in the future turn out to be events that caused the events in the past that led to the events in the future. Whoa! I’m getting dizzy! The Terminator series is like that. John Connors sends a man (in the first movie) and then a terminator (the older model portrayed by “Ahh-nold” in the second movie) back to protect his mother and then himself as a 13-year-old. That’s headspinning enough, but add to the mix that the man Connors sent back in the first movie to protect “mommie dearest” ends up becoming his dad in a one-night-stand as they are on the run from “Ahh-nold.” Are you dizzy yet?

Thank goodness my tea time looping involves neither men from the future or relentless android assassins. Even better is that my kitchen and teapots remain in their current state without some distortion of their atomic arrangement.

Tea time looping is more like steep-drink-repeat. Similar to the instructions on a shampoo bottle: lather-rinse-repeat (if that were a computer program with no “end” instruction, you would be soaping up your tresses from now until the proverbial cows came home).

Here’s how mine goes:

1. Steep a pot of tea

"Blue Betty" steeps

2. Have a cuppa

A lovely cuppa

3. Repeat step 2 until teapot is empty

4. Rinse out teapot

5. Time to go to bed yet? If no, go back to step 1. If yes, end loop.

Simple, yes? Notice that I was sure to include an “end” instruction (I have to sleep sometime). The tricky part can be selecting which tea to steep. A breakfast blend or a nice CTC Assam to kick start my day, an oolong to smooth me through lunch, a nice green tea to brighten the afternoon, and finishing it all off with a cuppa chamomile or a light white tea.

Actually, I also have what computer programmers call a “sub-routine” for the above. It involves preparing suitable tea time treats to enjoy with the tea (I gotta eat sometime, too).

All in all, I guess tea time looping is much better than “Terminator” looping. No liquid metal androids oozing out the teapot spout!

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