Review — “Get Gorgeous” by The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous
The Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous

Name: Get Gorgeous

Brand: The Republic of Tea

Type: Rooibos, herbal blend

Form: Paper tea bags

Review: The Republic of Tea seems to enjoy blending rooibos, a naturally sweet and caffeine free herb with a variety of herbs. With the goal of promoting wellness, their “Be Well” line features rooibos and herbal blends that may help consumers address specific health concerns. This tisane is formulated with herbs that contain antioxidants, which may have an improving effect on the skin. As with my other reviews of this line of teas, I need to issue the caveat that I have no opinion on whether these tisanes actually have any health-enhancing properties, I’m just concerned with their drinkability.

Of all the teas that I’ve tried so far in this line, this is perhaps the most “ordinary” in flavor, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The blend includes a variety of herbs such as chamomile, orange peel, hibiscus, red clover, burdock and chaste berry, flavored with pomegranate. This is a surprisingly light bodied tisane (not sure how much rooibos is in the teabags), with the characteristic tartness and slight sweetness that I expect from a blend that contains hibiscus. While it works as a hot beverage, I’d strongly recommend making this as an iced tea for maximum enjoyment.

Preparation Tips: I feel that the hibiscus/pomegranate combination tastes best on ice. One teabag is plenty for 8 ounces of water.

Serving Tips:  It’s tangy enough to be served with food, and, as an iced tea, would be a perfect foil to grilled meats.

Warning:  There is always a risk associated with consuming herbs, even “safe” herbs such as those contained in “Get Gorgeous”. If you are using medications or have a health condition, talk to your doctor before consuming this or any other herbal tisane or remedy.

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