Gadgets, Gadgets and More Tea Gadgets

T-Rex Infuser
"I am T-Rex — hear me ROAR!"

I report on tea gadgets here from time to time, as you may have noticed. If you’re wondering why these reports turn up so often, there’s a perfectly simple explanation — the tea gadgets just keep on coming. Whether they may be the good, the bad or the pointless, the flow of tea gadgets is seemingly endless. But you get the point. Let’s move on.

We kick off this time around with a gadget that gets my vote as one of the more impressive ones. It’s from a company called Tellurex Corporation and is called the Tellurex World Pot. It’s a teapot equipped with a thermoelectric module and a USB port and it can be used to recharge cell phones and other portable electrical devices in places where electricity may not be readily available. Simply heat your teapot over a fire, and the thermoelectric module generates electricity and feeds it to your device through the USB port.

While we’re on the subject of teapots, here’s one that may not be quite so innovative, but it is cleverly designed and very easy on the eyes. It’s called The Kettle Teapot and it come to us from Norm Architects. If it’s iced tea that you’re craving and you’d like to make the brewing process more convenient, then check out the Ceylon Pitcher, from Bodum. It’s another eye-catcher and comes with a removable filter basket for ease of use.

Of course, no tea gadget report would be complete without a few novelty tea strainer and infuser type items. Researchers now estimate that a new one of these is dreamed up every sixteen seconds somewhere on this Earth (not really — just seems that way). The next time you have some tea leaves that need to take a dive try out this one — it’s shaped like an old-fashioned diving bell. If you’re in need of something a little more Jurassic in nature, try out the oh so cleverly named Tea Rex Tea Infuser. Last but not least, the Hugo the Robot Tea Infuser.

In closing, we’d like to provide you with a way to deal with that messy teabag you just finished brewing your tea with. It’s a little basket type gizmo that hangs from the edge of your tea cup. See it in action here.

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