5 Odd Uses for a Tea Cozy

Tea cozies are handy things, keeping teapots warm for those of us who take our time in consuming the tea within. They come in Dome style, Snuggie style, Knit-hat style, and something called The HOB, to mention a few. But these cozies have other uses besides “thermal conservation,” some not well known and others made famous by standup comedians. In fact, let’s start with that one.

Use #5 – Silly Hat
Standup comedian and sometime actor Billy Connolly says “Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn’t try it on.” House elf Dobby (in the Harry Potter series) wears a tea cozy hat. Annelise Pitt, maker of Thistledown Cozies, and George Jage of World Tea News demonstrated the hat potential of tea cozies, something rarely caught on camera, at the 2010 World Tea Expo. (The photographer even caught Pitt modeling The HOB as ― um ― well ― er ― an item of, shall we say “alternate apparel”?) There are even knit patterns for tea cozy hats.

In this photo: Annelise Pitt (left) and George Jage
In this photo: Annelise Pitt (left) and George Jage

Use #4 – Cozy Purse
You might have to modify the cozy a bit (if you use the snuggie style), sewing up the sides so that when you’re carrying it around you don’t leave a trail of “purse items” ― keys, lipstick, coins, hair comb, compact, mascara, notepad, pen, a can or two of pepper spray, a large economy size bottle of aspirin, a pair of comfortable shoes, a folding umbrella… It’s a LARGE cozy purse! This cozy purse isn’t quite that capacious.

Use #3 – Sculpture Cover
Those sculptures can get chilly in the evening. A cozy can keep them warm. Or they can make a political statement, like 20 knitters in Oakland, California, made a little over a year ago. They knitted a big cozy to cover the “T” in a metal sculpture that consisted of the “T,” “H,” “E,” “R,” and “E” (“There”) facing “H,” “E,” “R,” and “E” (“Here”). The idea was to have the sculpture now read “Here” and “Here.” (Cozies are also good around your house for covering those hideous figurines and knickknacks you got as wedding/birthday/whatever presents from well-meaning loved ones and friends. Just remove the cozy quickly before the giver stops by for a visit.)

Use #2 – Turkey Warmer
A super big Dome style cozy for your super big bird will keep it warm from kitchen to dining table and between carvings. You might want to line the cozy with something such as aluminum foil that you can toss when done with it. (Unlike the others which are real, I just made this one up.)

Use #1 – Smart Car Cover
A group of 20 grandmothers in Switzerland turned 70 pounds of wool into a giant cozy resembling a tennis shoe (or a roller skate) for the Smart Car. The goal was to combine crafts with high-tech design, or is there tea steeping inside that car (it does sort of look like a teapot)? In any event, I hope the driver removes the cozy before hitting the road (and other drivers)!

Now you see it, now you don’t
Now you see it, now you don’t

Who knew those humble and lovable tea cozies were so versatile? Something to think about the next time you call your tea cozy into service keeping your potful of tea warm. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “5 Odd Uses for a Tea Cozy

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  3. Very enjoyable and playful “outside of the box” article. So many possibili-teas! You have turned thermal conservation into thermal conversation. Great fun to read and imagine. Thanks.

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