8 Things to Do While Your Tea Is Steeping

Tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum, how do you make the time pass more quickly while your tea steeps? Well, so far I’ve come up with eight things and am sure you’ll think of more.

Weather in New Stanton, PA (hometown of The English Tea Store) (screen capture from Accuweather.com)
Weather in New Stanton, PA (hometown of The English Tea Store) (screen capture from Accuweather.com)

1 Read Some Info on the Tea You’re Steeping

You’re probably thinking that you should do this before steeping the tea. Well, yes, that would be ideal, but you can also read up on the details about the tea during the steeping.

2 Decide on Your Menu for Dinner

You may also have time to check your cupboards or pantry to see if you have enough of the required ingredients on hand or if you’ll need to pour that tea into a travel mug once it’s steeped and then head out to the store.

3 Fold Laundry

T-shirts are especially troublesome since they like to be inside out. Or else it’s the dryer imp that does it. Either way, you can get them right side out again while that tea does its thing. You might even have time to find that missing sock. Anything is possible!

4 Calculate pi Out to the 50th Digit

If you have a bent towards mathematics, this particular problem should keep you occupied during the transformation going on within your teapot, gaiwan, kyusu, or other steeping vessel. Not sure how to do the calculation? Here’s one answer and a link at the bottom of the page goes to this table of pi values.

5 Do Another Entry in That Crossword Puzzle

You might even manage to do a couple of entries, depending on the level of difficulty of the crossword puzzle. The London Times crossword has a reputation for being amongst the hardest.

6 Check Out the Local Weather Forecast

It’s always good to know if a hurricane gale or mile-wide tornado is bearing down on you while those tea leaves are doing their merry dance in that hot water.

7 Snip Some Blooms from Your Garden for a Tea Time Bouquet

What blooms these are will vary by season and growing region. Various bulb flowers (daffodils, crocuses, tulips, irises, etc.) bloom in early Spring, lilacs in later Spring, roses can bud throughout the growing season if kept properly deadheaded, and so on.

8 Text to Your Friends

U can send ur BFFs ur latest newz while T steeps. Don’t ROFL too much or T might steep too long. B sure u strain T well b4 drinking.

This should keep you from nodding off during the tea steeping process and ending up with oversteeped tea. Enjoy!

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