5 Things That Can Make Your Tea Taste Great

Previously, I posted 5 Things That Can Make Your Tea Taste Awful, so you might logically think that this article would be about just not doing those things. However, while avoiding those things is certainly part of steeping great tasting tea, there are other steps you can take to assure the very best of flavor. In fact, you may be able to add to the list below.

1 Positive Attitude!

Yes, having a positive attitude toward your tea will actually improve your perception of the flavor of that tea. In fact, a positive attitude is said overall to make everything better, or at least seem so. While tea is said to calm and soothe, feeling cheerful and sure that a great tea experience is at hand will help that tea have the desired effect.

2 Pretty Teawares!

There is a reason that so many lovely teaware patterns exist: they enhance your tea time! Flowers, especially roses, are a favorite motif. Bone china teawares with silver and gold trim are also options that delight. Sure, there are those among you who enjoy the offbeat, odd, weird, freaky, and even ugly in all things. So the term “pretty” here is relative.

Wedgwood Dinnerware and Fine China make any tea taste great! (ETS image)
Wedgwood Dinnerware and Fine China make any tea taste great! (ETS image)

3 Puffy Pastries!

Puffy, or chocolaty, or flaky, or doughy — pastries and pies and cakes and scones, oh my! They all make your tea taste great, as long as you pair the right ones together. Mini quiches served with Ceylon, Chun Mee, Dragonwell, Darjeeling, or Sencha, for example. Cheesecake served with Ceylon Black or Green, Keemun, or Vietnamese Green is another good pairing.

4 Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Prepare your brain with knowledge on how to steep the tea properly. Prepare your tea area using the equipment needed. Prepare your mind and body to receive the tea, what aromas and flavors to expect (but leave your mind open to your own perceptions).

5 Positively Great Tea!

Duh, a no brainer. But it’s amazing how much mediocre and downright bad tea still gets sold with the expectation that it will taste good or even great. A lot of times this low-grade tea gets strong flavorings added to help mask it’s bitterness or astringency. Select instead a tea without these flavorings added or a flavored tea that starts with top quality tea.

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