Teapot Styles — Just Plain Absurd

From the sublime of the Victorian style to the sleek and sometimes severe of the Art Deco style to the visually dizzying of the Baroque and Rococo styles, teapots never bore and add such a wonderful element to that simple pleasure known as tea time. There are even those teapots that are part of the silliness that sometimes takes over when people sit down to drink that wonderful beverage. Some designs, though, go beyond silly to the absolute absurd.

Some Fairly Absurd Teapots

The word “absurd” certainly has negative connotations associated with it, but in this instance it is meant as something really outrageous to the point of being devoid of any utilitarian possibilities whatsoever yet wonderful to have on display.


  • What’s It Teapot — Not quite sure what this is supposed to be, but it popped up in a search on Yahoo! Images for impractical and weird teapots. Again, where does the tea go in and where does it come out? But it certainly is a conversation starter. It appears here along with the teapot above and several other rather differently designed teapots.


  • Chocolate Teapots — Totally absurd and impractical. And yes we’re talking about chocolates in the shape of teapots. Here are a few that popped up via Yahoo! Images. Time to sample some!

Chocolate Teapots2

  • Teapot as Tea Museum — Yes, it’s a building. Shaped like a teapot. In China. Yep. Sigh! Stats: 24 meters in diameter at its widest point, 73.8 meters high, 5000 square meters of floor space, 28,360.23 cubic meters capacity, comes with matching teacup, and located in Meitan County which is called the hometown of Chinese green tea. See the whole story here.

Teapot-Shaped Museum of Tea Culture

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