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Some Tea Décor Items for Your Home

Teapots and teacups aren’t just for steeping tea and drinking it anymore. These days, they serve as garden décor and bird feeders (as seen in this article), but they are also seen as décor items around the house. You can add that certain tea time touch to your house with some of the items I discovered available.

Teapot Lamps

A quick search for teapot lamps turned up screenful after screenful of these items in an array of colors, styles, and configurations that would set your head to spinning. I picked a few eye poppers to show here:

Teapot Lamps from Yahoo! Images
Teapot Lamps from Yahoo! Images

As you can see, the color range is pretty wide. Many also use multiple items, including several teapots stacked and/or teacups and saucers worked in to the arrangement. Most seem to be fairly traditional style lamps where the teapot/cup/saucer are the base, a stem is added for the electrical wire to run up through and connect to the bulb base and switch, and then a lampshade is on top. Some use the teapot itself as the lamp, though, where the bulb is inside. Just like the bird feeders and fountains I talked about in an earlier article, some of these are made of old teapots, etc., while others are designed to look like teapots, etc., but never really were. You’re sure to find one to fit any decorating scheme you fancy and bring that tea touch to whatever room it graces.

Teacup Lamps

Lamps that sport teacups and/or saucers are equally numerous, it seems, and that’s even discounting the ones where a teapot is also involved. Here are some rather amazing ones:

Teacup Lamps from Yahoo! Images
Teacup Lamps from Yahoo! Images

Colors, materials, styles, height, and general arrangements vary widely. Glass, porcelain, ceramic, and metals all come in to play here, just as with the teapot lamps. Whether you want them for your bedside to enjoy while you read before heading off to the land of Nod or on your kitchen table, computer desk, or end tables in the living room to amaze your guests and give you daily delight, they will certainly keep your mood TEAful!

Teacup Chandeliers

Awhile back someone wanting to upgrade their tea room décor asked for ideas. I proposed a teacup chandelier. And it turns out there are ones available in such a variety that again I marvel at human creativity. Here are just a few:

Teapot Chandeliers from Yahoo! Images
Teapot Chandeliers from Yahoo! Images

As you can see, teapots also get into the act here, along with silverware, crystals, and cute mini lampshades. Many of the ones I found seem to be from actual tea rooms and others from homes. They would certainly be great in either and shed a warm glow over your tea time!

Teacup Decorations

Other ideas for using teacups are everywhere. Here are some of the cutest and most clever ones I saw:

Teacup Decorations from Yahoo! Images
Teacup Decorations from Yahoo! Images

I love the teacup candle idea very much. And putting some flowers (even fake ones) in a teacup can be such a mood enhancer. Of course, teacup-shaped cookies will delight your tea time guests (and you, too). Teacup-shaped tree ornaments are great craft items to make and have ready for the next holiday season ahead. Even just displaying those cups and saucers on a shelf (or two or three, depending on the size of your collection) is a good idea

Hopefully, this has gotten your brain juices flowing and the creative sparks to flying. If you want to post a photo on The English Tea Store’s Facebook page of your own tea décor items, please do. We’d all love to see them!

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