PG Tips Line-up Expanding!

A top brand of tea in the UK is PG Tips, a Unilever brand. That special blend has been pleasing palates for over 75 years. In late February 2014 they added some updated blends and flavored teas to their line-up.

Premium Range:

PG Tips has found an exciting new way of making tea; by pressing fresh, high quality leaves to release their natural essence.

  • The Fresh One –A blend of 100% Kenyan teas that steeps up a fresh and smooth tasting cuppa tea with an aroma likened to “freshly baked bread” and a deep red color (a true red tea, what we Westerners call “black tea” – read more about it). This as fresh as tea gets.
  • The Strong One – Kenyan and other African teas have been blended for a bold cuppa tea with a strong, bright red color, malty aroma, and thick character. The boldest tasting PG Tips blend available. And, if you prefer your cuppa British style, this tea will be great – a splash of milk and a dash of sugar will enhance that bold flavor.
Strong or Fresh? Take your pick! (ETS image)
Strong or Fresh? Take your pick! (ETS image)

Fruit & Herbal:

The popularity of some herbals is really growing, especially among those who want to avoid caffeine or are seeking some health benefits. PG Tips have come up with several offerings to meet these customer requirements.

  • Aromatic Spices and Mint Herbal – An exotic herbal infusion that features fragrant spearmint, warming cinnamon, subtle orange (from orange peel), and aromatic spices (chicory root, rosehips, and liquorice).
  • Smooth Red Bush and Vanilla – While I’m not a Rooibos (red bush aka “red tea”) fan generally speaking, when combined with vanilla or chocolate this herbal can be quite tolerable. This PG Tips Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla herbal is authentic South African Red Bush with a smoothly soft hint of vanilla flavor. The liquid is aromatic and has a brilliant red color but no caffeine. A bit of hibiscus and cranberry flavorings add just the right touch.
  • Delicate Camomile – Relax and unwind with this natural camomile and flower infusion. For me, it is the perfect bedtime cuppa, helping me ease into sleep.
  • Refreshing Peppermint – A clean and refreshing peppermint infusion that is also caffeine free. Enjoy a cupful as a nice change of pace from regular tea and coffee.
Herbals for that caffeine free cuppa! (ETS image)
Herbals for that caffeine free cuppa! (ETS image)

All feature the famous pyramid-shaped tea bag invented in 1996 by the innovators at PG Tips. They allow more room for the contents (tea, herbals, etc.) to infuse and produce a better flavor. The Freeflow material allows water to pass through the filter and reach the contents quickly, decreasing the steeping time and producing a superior taste.

Try one, try all. You’re sure to find a favorite among them.

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