How to Add a Golden Touch to Your Tea Time

Gold Plated Rose Demi Spoon (ETS image)
Gold Plated Rose Demi Spoon (ETS image)

You know the saying that “silence is golden” and also that as we age we enter our “golden years.” Well, a golden touch for your tea time is another good one – and you don’t have to be King Midas to have one. All it takes is an item here, an item there. Start with something simple and work your way up.

That something simple could be a gold-plated demitasse spoon. They come in several handle designs. I have the one shown here (a gift from hubby years ago) with the rose-shaped handle and feel like Anna, Duchess of Bedford, herself when using it. Roses not your style? Check out this more simply styled Gold Demi Spoon, this Heart-handled Demi Spoon, and this Teapot-handled Gold Demi Spoon. Other possibilities are this pair of Gold Rose Pattern Sugar Tongs and this Gold Teapot Warmer. (A quick tip from my personal experience: keep any gold-plated items dusted so the finish doesn’t get marred.)

Your gold touches can be a bit more subtle. One example is this Yorkshire Gold tea (available loose and bagged). Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea is a malty tea with a rich brown color. Blended from the fine teas of countries like India, Sri Lanka and Africa, this tea is great for breakfast. Since it is a stronger tea, it is often enjoyed with milk and sugar. Of course, you can get that “golden” flavor from the store brand, deep and rich. (Harrogate is known for the quality of its water and, therefore, its many teashops, going back from the first of tea being popularized in England.)

Want more gold? How about the golden hues of honey from the appropriately named Dutch Gold. You can get it as Pure Clover Honey and Orange Blossom Honey. Great for tea or cooking and baking. Try the clover honey over ice cream, in yogurt, or with oatmeal for a deliciously sweet addition. The Orange Blossom honey also pairs well with fruit, salad dressings, and even as a meat glaze.

Oh, and don’t forget a teapot with a golden touch to it. The Timeless Rose Porcelain Teapot is a fine example. It holds 37 ounces of hot, tasty tea and is decorated in the beautiful Timeless Rose pattern with fine gold edging. (It’s part of a complete tea set and a 45 piece dinner set, so you can go all “King Midas” here if you want.)

While “all that glitters is not gold,” these gold items will certainly make your tea time glitter, sparkle, and make you feel rather royal!

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