Meet our New Writers!

As you who follow us on our social media know, we are very pleased to announce that we have two wonderful additions to our blog staff. Judging by the metrics we see, you agree! We wanted to take some time to introduce you more fully to them and let you know what you can expect. You will be able to find current information on them on Our Writers page.

Crystal2Crystal is our relevant content correspondent, which means she will be writing about everything from tea to specialty foods; etiquette to books; accessories to current British events: all topics you are used to seeing here. She is a schooled journalist with a budding passion for tea and all things English. Crystal hails from California but her heart lies in the UK.

“I am excited to write for the Tea Blog because I love tea and researching British culture,” Crystal shares. “I tell my sisters that I really love this job.”

You may find her posts informative and engaging, or you may find you are able to interject a little something that may help her passion develop. Her enthusiasm has breathed new life into the blog. As always, we encourage you to join in lively conversation as a part of our online community.

You will know Crystal’s posts by her CD signature.

is our dedicated recipe blogger. She will create and serve up authentic English recipes that have been in her family for generations (aren’t we lucky!?). Yes, she really is from Britain, and yes, she really does magic in the kitchen. She enjoys gardening, knitting, and making handmade greeting cards.

Her favourite tea is Yorkshire blended not far from her in Harrogate! “Also I like mint tea especially if I am feeling a bit sickly. Pineapple tea is also nice. The important thing about tea is to have it hot with just a drop of milk and something nice to eat it with!”

IMG_2891We give our writers great largesse in choosing their content and style but do not be afraid to speak up if you have a recipe you would like to persuade her to share!

You will know Julia’s posts by her JB signature.

~Your editor

5 thoughts on “Meet our New Writers!

  1. Hi AB! It’s Crystal here. I am very happy to be a part of this blog. It can be a little challenging at times but I do love a good challenge! Thank you so much for reading!! 🙂

  2. melissamarshall223

    welcome,welcome both writers of al things tea and tea cookies(common American word I know) could’nt think of the proper term @ the time. I took a trip many years ago to England and there abouts and just loved it… Besides my ancestors are from the ole country…Bless yu both….

    1. Hi there! It’s okay about the cookie thing. I have trouble when I write about them! England must have been so exciting! I am trying to make it my goal to make it there in the next five years. I greatly appreciate you reading our blog! Bless you as well! 🙂

  3. Anna Beth Birky

    Dear “Tea Blog,”

    I just must send you a note of thanks! We are a couple of “tea enthusiasts” here in central Kansas who check out your blogs regularly. Thanks so much for all your efforts! Writing is hard work, we know.

    AB Birky ( )


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