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Flowering Teas

Photo © Elizabeth Stubna
Photo © Elizabeth Stubna

I have a friend in Hawaii who sends me her regional delicacies once or twice a year. A few years ago, she blessed me with a flowering tea. What a novelty! I thought. I had recently begun my foray into tea and was armed with the arrogance that came with knowing herbal tea is actually tisane, and rooibos was becoming a “deviant” favorite.

Photo © Elizabeth Stubna
Photo © Elizabeth Stubna

My palate was trained 15 years ago to appreciate a dry Merlot and I prefer my coffee robust. I am a food and drink snob, but when she sent these packets, I became a child again. When I read that you can reuse these flowers a few times, I became a thrifty child.

These were not taken to the office as an afternoon substitute for my morning coffee like my typical Celestial Seasonings were. They stayed behind in my home’s cupboard with the tea chest of “good” tea. One special weekend morning, I followed the instructions and watched the flowers bloom, with wonder. Left behind was a delicate tea perfect enough to accompany my tailless lap cat, my husband, my bathrobe, and good waking up conversation.

Photo © Elizabeth Stubna
Photo © Elizabeth Stubna

That treat got lost in the daily living, until I received some in another box from the very same friend, this year. Spurred by the memory, I looked on our website to see what we offered along these lines, and found many. The 1000 Day Flower flowering tea is said to be inspired by a specific monkey who, according to legend, was protecting a peach for an Empress. The honey and citrusy Flowering Symphony was named for the paintings by Whistler (not his mother). The Mystere Oolong is a nod to the mystery of two mummies. I will let you follow the link to read the story. Story? Every tea has one. You have met our two new bloggers but you have yet to meet me. I will be filling in the gaps as we go, sharing some of the stories behind the teas on our site whenever Julia and Crystal need a break from writing. It would be my true delight for you to join me.

~Your editor

2 responses to “Flowering Teas”

  1. melissamarshall223 Avatar

    What do my curious eyes see…when I was in high school and after…to amused myself with the o’so many victorian books I ordered…Then today the word “tisane” and I’m back in those victorian books..Thank you for the intro..it was amazing and by your writing…so are you…

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