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Blueberries in the Morning

blueberry-sweet-fruitOne thing I love the smell of in the morning, is blueberries. Blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, and now blueberry tea. Recently I tried out the English Tea Store’s Blueberry Green and it’s one of my new go-to teas – refreshing enough to wake me up but also somewhat calming. Good for a weekend morning where you can relax. I gave this tea to my dad, one of the most wound-up people in the world and HE enjoyed it!

This tea is good either sweetened or unsweetened, hot or iced. The smell is very heavenly and pairs well with breakfast, but of course you can also have it whenever you feel like it. A wonderful tea time drink, it pairs well with a delicious blueberry scone or scone with blueberry jam (I’m going crazy with blueberries here).

1445443_96433729If you’re not much of a blueberry fan as I am, you can always go for plain green tea or even our bolder green tea with ceylonCeylon is a black tea and helps add smoothness. Both teas are very good choices for a relaxing morning or a tea time.


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