Recipe – Bara Brith

(c) Julia Briggs – English Tea Store

This is an old Welsh recipe that people still make.  My grand-daughter made one just after Christmas and it was delicious and full of fruit.

I particularly liked it sliced and buttered with a mug of tea.  You can use any dried fruit you like but we used currants and sultanas, it does not use any butter in the cake.


You will need:

  • 8 oz Dried fruit soaked overnight in 8 fluid ounces of warm tea.
  • 9 oz Dark Brown Sugar
  • 8 oz  Self Raising Flour
  • 1 Egg beaten

Greased 1 lb loaf tin.  Oven 150 C 300 F  or gas mark 2

Soak the fruit overnight and combine all the dry ingredients together with the fruit and the well beaten egg.  Pour into the loaf tin and bake for approx 1 and a half hours.  Leave to cool in the tin and then turn out onto a wire rack.

Store in an airtight tin when cold and enjoy a slice whenever you feel like it.   – JAB

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