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Breakdown of Brands: English Tea Store

The English Tea Store currently offers 13 different brands of tea, each with their own specialties. You are sure to find a brand that you enjoy and keep coming back for, especially at our low affordable prices. We want to help our tea-loving customers and break down each of the brands we offer so that you have a further understanding of what each brand can offer you and our best sellers from each.

We first would like to bring our own brand to the table, English Tea Store. We invented this brand so that you, the customer, can enjoy the benefits of a gourmet tea taste without sacrificing your wallet. By bringing you tea right to your doorstep, our ecommerce system allows us to cut out cost of distribution. We sell English style teas without strings or tags. Seem to good to be true? We promise it’s not. You can purchase samples of our tea to try them out first! Be sure to let us know what you think, what we can improve on and any ideas!

The English Tea Store brand offers loose leaf tea, tea bags and K-Cups.

One of our best sellers of loose leaf tea is the Hangover Helper Herbal Tea:

Hangover Helper Herbal Loose Leaf TeaThis tea is excellent after those long nights of drinking some alcoholic beverages or even just to relax after a long day! There is zero caffeine because it is made entirely of herbs and fruit. There are polyphenols in this tea, so the longer you steep it, the better benefits of antioxidants you receive.





A best seller in the tea bag category is the Assam Borengajulie Tea:


Assam Borengajulie Tea - Tea Bags


It may be a tongue twister but this delicious malty tea is sure to not disappoint. This tea is made in India and is made of black tea. It is caffeinated to help get the day  going and gluten free!







If you enjoy your keurig and the ease of sleepily popping a K-cup in the machine in the morning, you should try our Irish Breakfast CO2 Decaf K-Cups:


Irish Breakfast CO2 Decaffeinated Tea K-Cups - 24 count

MM MM MMM! This decaf black tea is a wonderful smelling and even better tasting blend. You can also purchase this option in loose leaf or tea bags. You receive 24 K-Cups for the low price of $14.19.








Remember, if you are a new buyer to the English Tea Store…try our samples first! You can receive a sampler pack so that you are not stuck with a bunch of tea that you are not fond of. We want to hear your feedback, be sure to check back to this blog for the next brand we tell you all about….PG Tips!



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