Breakdown of Brands: Typhoo



MMM…Typhoo tea. If you have not experienced it yet you need to! Typhoo was founded by a man named John Summer in the 1900s. He inherited his father’s grocery shop in Birmingham and his sister influenced him to start selling a tea that aided in indigestion, which she commonly experienced. Once he began investing in this tea, he decided it was doing so well in the market that he needed to name it. He had some criteria for the name though:



  1. It must be distinct
  2. It must trip off the tongue
  3. It must be protected

He chose “Typhoo”, which in Chinese means doctor. This name is fitting because it aided in indigestion! He removed tannins from the tea which were thought to be the cause indigestion.

He was not making quite the profit he wanted to so he began selling teapots and other items that were branded with the name to get the name out there in 1906.


By 1909, this plan flourished and John had paid off his debts. This brand has grew ever since.



One thing we really enjoy about Typhoo is that they fund Disability Sports events across the UK and the Big Brew Campaign to “tackle the stigma around mental health by getting people to sit down and talk about their problems over a cuppa.”


Here at ETS, we offer you Typhoo teas in both tea bags and loose leaf. Although we have more tea bag options, our best seller is the Typhoo Loose Leaf Tea! This tea will last you a long, long time because you only need less than a teaspoon for a rich cup of tea!


Typhoo Loose Leaf Tea - 9oz (255g)

  • Rich and Smooth
  • Brew 3-5 Minutes
  • Caffeinated
  • Kosher
  • Black Tea
  • 9 ounces / $9.49
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Also Available in Tea Bags!




“Forty years ago I lived in Scotland. Typhoo was my favorite tea. It is as good now, even better: a great black tea. I’ve had many black teas and can’t recall one I like better.” – DJ, an ETS customer




Next on this list is for our decaf tea lovers, the Typhoo Decaf Tea Bags!

Typhoo Tea Decaf Tea Bags - 80 count

  • England’s Most Popular Decaf Tea
  • Full-Bodied and Smooth
  • Tons of Flavor
  • Kosher
  • Decaffeinated
  • Black Tea
  • Wrapped in Foil for Freshness
  • 40 Tea Bags / $11.89




“I enjoy Typhoo in the evening when I want a black tea, but I want to avoid the caffeine. Typhoo has a very enjoyable taste.” – Owen, an ETS customer



Another best seller, is the Typhoo Gold Tea Bags.

Typhoo Gold Tea Bags - 80 count

  • Premium Brew
  • Rich and Full-Bodied
  • Assam and African Black Tea
  • Gluten Free
  • Golden Liquor
  • Caffeinated
  • Wrapped in Foil for Freshness
  • 80 Tea Bags / $9.99





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