Breakdown of Brands: Shangri La


For this next brand, we are staying in America with award winning Iced Tea making Shangri La tea. They are known for their “vivid, unusual flavors, consistently high quality and unmatched value”.

In fact they have won the North American Tea Championship multiple times each year since 2008!

NEW: They are constantly adding new, bold flavors to the lineup which is a great sign of an evolving company. Every batch of tea is taste tested before it reaches the consumer.

FRESH: They pride themselves in being the “quickest in the industry”. By this, they mean that from the time the tea leaves are picked, they are the quickest to get to you.

HOME: California is the home of their Food Service Distributors and lab.

WORLDWIDE: They do not just sell tea to us as Americans, they are a worldwide supplier!

We really enjoy this company for reasons other than the great taste. They are a member of the Rain Forest Alliance. Their standards for biodiversity conservation, worker protection, healthcare, etc. are environmentally friendly. You can read more here.

You can also read more about Shangri La’s alliances with the USDA National Organic Program, Fairtrade and the Jewish Community Council of Montreal here.



Here at ETS, we sell iced teas by this delicious company. They are our FAVORITE! You can purchase a resealable bag including six large pouches of tea that can be prepared on a stove top or you have a K-cup option.

The most popular, five star, resealable bag option is the Tropical Passion Black Brew:

Even the name sounds delicious and makes you feel like you’re on an island! The base of this tea is a fruit blend of black teas. It is also infused with tropical fruits and flowers. This choice is caffeinated and each filter (there are 6 in the bag) brews up to two quarts of tea! MM MM MMM. You can also find this option in K-Cups if that is better suited for you!


“Out here in California, a restaurant called Islands serves this tea. It took forever for me to find out which tea it was until I found several forums about it. It is this tea. It is the most delicious tea you will ever find. The tea itself is not overpowering and it has such a unique blend of flavors. Hands-down the best tea on the market!” – Crystal, a ETS Customer

Our second most popular, five star tea is the Natural Black Brew Resealable Bag. This blend of fine black tea is very lively and flavorful. If you enjoy tea without any sweeteners, this is your choice! This tea is also caffeinated. You can purchase this option in K-Cups also.

Iced Tea K-Cups by Shangri La - Natural Black Brew

“The very best Iced tea I have ever had. Been looking in stores everywhere for it and it appears it is available only on line! I had it in one of my favorite restaurants and asked the server what it was.” – Judy, an ETS Customer

If you like Shangri La tea, let us know what your favorite flavor is! Stay tuned to next week where we breakdown Stash tea!



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