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With the holidays in full swing, you might need to clean out some old things and make room for new things. One thing might be your tea. If you are a tea lover or just keep some around for guests, chances are you will receive some tea as a gift or buy some for the winter. This may have you looking at your tea collection and re-organizing your tea.


Now if you happen to be sorting through your tea collection, one thing you might do is check the expiration date. If your tea is past its use-by date, do not worry. Expired tea bags are safe to drink. If the tea is unopened, then it will last for at least a year past its sell-by date. The only things that may be affected are the taste and color. Other factors may be how it is stored. Some traditional British teas like PG Tips and Yorkshire normally do not have their tea in envelopes and are sometimes just kept in their boxes, which may let in extra air if the boxes are not closed right.



If you like to store your teabags in the proper way, try using a tea tin or a canister with a locking lid to help store your loose teabags. The best ways to store your tea are in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. This way if you plan to have your teabags for a long time, you can make them last and taste like you just bought them.


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