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Every year during New Year’s, we do one thing: we make resolutions. We set goals for ourselves. We strive to be better than we were the previous year or we challenge ourselves to do new things. One of the most popular resolutions many make is to be healthier. Some may take up eating better with adding more fruits and vegetables to their diets along with more exercise, but you can also drink better, too! Here are some good teas that will help get your year off to a great start!




Balance Tea is an herbal blend of rooibos tea meant to help restore balance within yourself. Anise and cardamom help spice up this otherwise mellow tea.

Balance Tea  - Tea Bags

If you resolved to take more time to stop and calm down, then our Serenity Tea might be just right for you. Our blend of light chamomile and rooibos mixed in with spice will allow you to stop for a break and have a moment to yourself.


Now, if you strive to be healthier in general, why not give our Wellness Tea a try? Unlike our other two teas listed, this tea has caffeine as it is a green mate. This South American tea will help brighten up your day with a lively blend of ginseng, lemongrass, spearmint, and ginko.


These teas are available in 25 pouch bags or if you are in the mood to mix things up, then get a sampler size and try all three!


To health and happiness!



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  1. Beautiful and helpful article! Well done!

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