Heinz Baked Beans


Heinz Baked Beanz in a rich tomato sauce has been a well known and beloved product in the UK for generations. The best part about these beans are that they are good for you! High in fiber, protein, and low in fat. Parents have approved of this food for their children.

Heinz Beanz are known as a comfort food for many. There are many ways ways to eat them, like on the side as part of a traditional English breakfast or on toast. Sometimes they are eaten with cheese, on a baked potato, or baked into a pie. They have even been eaten on pizza! There are endless possibilities with these hearty beans.



Heinz is an American company and in the early days of Heinz Beans, they were made in the US and Canada for export to the UK. It wasn’t until the 1920s that a plant was opened in the UK and the beans were made exclusively in Britain. Ever since then, the beans have grown in popularity, even earning a Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II twice during the 1950s. They are now a household item in many pantries of British families and is now exported to 60 countries, including the US. The English Tea Store are one of the exclusive carriers of these delicious beans and you can get them right here!



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