Get Your Easter Baskets Now!

With Easter being early this year (April 1, 2018) it can be tough to find Easter gifts and baskets for your loved ones in such a short amount of time. This is where we come in! You can bring an Easter basket to a friend or family member who is hosting Easter at their home or for a child or grandchild. Our pre-made Easter baskets are beautifully decorated and there is something for just about everyone!

For the little ones, we carry something for princess fans, pink bunny lovers, and this easter_little_princess_sku_915332.jpgbasket, or anyone who just loves the color pink. Not into pink? Then how about blue? There is also a basket for Disney fans with activity books and sweets. Speaking of activities, the Hip Hoppin Fun Easter Pail has plenty of fun things for a young one to do, with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and more fun Easter games. Plus, it comes in green for any child that does not like pink or blue.

For the older ones (they don’t have to be children!), something more suitable like a basket FILLED with sweets or something much more smaller, like a singing duckling with some Jelly Belly beans. Of course, as I got older, I no longer had my own Easter basket, so my parents had one large basket for everyone in my family to share. Our Deluxe Easter Basket is ideal for everyone to share, featuring tasty treats like fudge brownies, buttercrunch caramel corn, and chocolate cream puff cookies, among candies packed inside.


If your loved one is not a fan of traditional Easter baskets but you still want to give them something, then our regular gift baskets could be more suitable. We have gift baskets for one of the guys in your life and the snack lovers. We even have gift baskets for tea lovers! You don’t even have to get a basket for someone. It could be a treat for yourself!

However you decide to celebrate Easter this year, make sure it’s a good one! From all of us at English Tea Store, have a Happy Easter!


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