Happy Earth Day – April 20th


Every year, April is known as Earth Month due to Earth Day taking place on April 20. Since 1970, we have taken the time to reuse and recycle in a bigger effort to preserve the planet. More companies are turning to biodegradable or eco-friendly products and some shops are doing away with paper or plastic bags.


So how can you do your part to help preserve our planet Earth? It starts right in your tea collection. If you have a teapot or mug that is chipped, cracked, or if they handle has broken off and you can no longer use it, don’t toss them out, get creative! To start, create a small garden using old teapots and mugs! If you have some soil and seeds or a small plant, you can easily fill the old teapots and mugs with soil and place plants or seeds inside. Water according to directions and watch them grow! As an added bonus, your plants will look extra gorgeous in your old teaware! Just remember to drill a small hole on the bottom of each container.


Reuse old tea bags once you’re done using them for your cup of tea. Instead of tossing out the teabags, you can reuse the leaves and add them to a compost pile. If your tea bags are made from a biodegradable or compostable material, then you can add the whole tea bag to your compost. Once the compost is ready, you can use it for your gardening needs! If you have leftover tea, use it to color Easter eggs during Easter time. You can also make tea ice cubes so you do not waste tea or water. Once the cubes are frozen, enjoy them in a glass of iced tea.


And with spring cleaning in full swing, you may be cleaning out your tea cupboard or containers and you discover you have old or extra teabags. Don’t toss those out! Use them around the house instead! Use them to deodorize your cat’s litter box. Simply spread some loose tea leaves into the box and change it out along with the cat litter each time. Use dry green or black tea to deodorize your refrigerator. Place an uncovered container of it in the fridge to help control odors in it. Spread some leaves over your carpet, leave in for about 20 minutes, and then vacuum up!


Tea is straight from the Earth and it can go right back in. Help take care of the Earth this Earth Day. What are some of your favorite ways of going green?



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