Three Things NOT TO DO When Drinking Tea!


So we talk a lot of the “do’s” of English tea but what about the “don’t’s”. Today we are bringing to you three things you should not do while enjoying English Tea. As always, this is for fun and you are perfectly allowed to drink your tea however you would like! We promise the tea police will not come after you. Or will they?


  1. DO NOT Stir Vigorously

This is almost common knowledge to a lot of people. Tea is a liquid and there is no need to be scraping your cup or sending flying tea off your spoon at your neighbor! Simply try not to make any sound while stirring, staying away from the bottom and sides of the cup. This is also helps to keep your cups looking perfectly new.


2. DO NOT Leave Your Spoon in the Cup

This is seen as lazy by those who are serious tea drinkers. Always remove your teaspoon and set it beside the cup. This is also helps so that you don’t hit yourself in the face with it!


3. DO NOT Place Lemon Wedges in your Tea

You know how we go out to dinner and get lemon in our water and simply let it float. This is not correct for proper English Tea. You may squeeze the lemon into your tea but do not keep the entire wedge in your tea.


Pinkies Up!!



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