French-Inspired Teas – Perfect For Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, take your tastebuds on a trip to France. The Western European country is known for romance, its sights, and its food! France is known to have some of the best baked goods and cheese in the world. If you want to treat your loved one to a French style tea, here are a few ideas to inspire you!

Harney and Sons Paris Tea This black tea is inspired by the most romantic city in the world, Paris. This tantalizing blend of tea is a sweet and fruity infusion of citrus, currant, and caramel.

English Tea Store’s French Blend Tea Our most popular French style tea brings a brilliant blend of Ceylons, Kenyas, Assams, and Nilgiris together to bring together the flavors of lavender, creme-de-la-vanille, Earl Grey, and Jasmine. There are also fragrant rose petals and lavender from Provence to seal the in the French component.  

English Tea Store’s Le Marche Spice Flavored Black Tea is a blend that was originally created by the French governor of the Moroccan city Marrakech during the height of the French empire. He served this tea to dignitaries who would stop by and visit. This spicy tea is made with Ceylon and mixed with spicy cinnamon, blended with sweet oranges. It was said that the Le Marche tea would help cool people down in the hot city of Marrakech.

Colman’s Chicken Chasseur Known as Hunter’s Chicken in French, this mix from Colman’s is a delightful mix of spices and herbs. Just add chicken, onions, and mushroom for a truly French flavor.

Brioche –Unheard of by most Americans about a decade ago, brioche bread is now found in most American supermarkets. Known for its soft, spongy texture and irresistible buttery taste, you can enjoy brioche just about any time. Try some with fresh berries and cream or spread with your favorite spread (cookie butter, anyone?).

Cheese –Did you know that France is known to have over 400 varieties of cheese? It’s pretty astounding. However, due to strict food and importation laws in the US, most French cheeses are hard to get unless you’re actually in France. Until you are able to hop on a plane to France, you’ll have to make do with what you can get at the local supermarket. Comté, brie, and camembert are just some of the delectably creamy delicacies you CAN get right here in America. Enjoy brie with freshly sliced pears and fig jam on crackers or by itself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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