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A Bachelorette Tea Party

Recently, my best friend got married and made me the Maid of Honor. Some of my duties involved helping the bride plan the wedding, writing a speech, and organizing the bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are usually known for being rowdy and raunchy, but if that is not your cup of tea, then why not actually have a cup of tea for your bachelorette? An afternoon tea party for the bride’s bachelorette (or groom’s bachelor) party can be a classy, formal affair.

How to organize a bachelorette tea party is entirely up to you and the bride. In my case, I had asked the bride what she had in mind when it came to her bachelorette party and she had requested that we did an afternoon tea. Below are a few of my ideas that I had used for her bachelorette plus a few extra ideas.

Look up afternoon tea spots in the area. If you are relying on a location for the tea party, then you can look up tea spots in the area where the wedding will be held. You can base it by price or what the tea spots carry. If you don’t plan to go to a local tea spot, then you can host the party at your home or a friend’s house. Brew the tea yourself, make scones, and set the tables! You can make fancy place cards with beautifully written names of the bridal party and place them at their seats. Finally, you can either make or buy a white sash for the bride to wear, with the words Bride to Be written on it.

Make goody bags/gifts! What I did for my best friend’s bachelorette party was buy mugs and if you want to be extra fancy, you can order specially made decals and place them on the mugs. Put Bride, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, or anyone attending the bachelorette party. Next, fill the mugs with goodies like a Cadbury chocolate bar, shortbread cookies, and, who can forget, tea!

Not sure what kind of tea to put in the mugs? Ask the bride what her favorite tea is or surprise her!  To perfectly fit the occasion, try Harney and Sons Wedding Tea, a delicate blend of white Mutan tea, lemon, rose petals, and vanilla. It’s also in a collectible tin so you can reuse it or hold onto it for a long time! You can also add some of our English Tea Store brand teas like Lover’s Leap and our smash hit the Buckingham Palace Garden Party. They fit the theme of love and tea parties. Plus, we sell them in sampler sizes in 5 teabags or 1 ounce loose leaf pouches so you can order 5 for the wedding party or 100 for the wedding guests!

When I held the bachelorette party for my best friend, it was very well received. My best friend and the rest of the bridal party all enjoyed themselves by relaxing, chatting, and enjoying fine food and desserts.

If you have any ideas on how else to do a tea bachelorette or if you did one yourself, let us know!


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