British Influence on Indian Food

British food is not just limited to fish and chips. Did you know that Indian food is a part of it? It’s surprising but India and Britain have a history. During the British Raj (1858-1947), India was under British rule, many British expats would enjoy the exotic flavors and spices of India. Since then, India has influenced so much of Britain’s cuisine that it became mainstream. Take a look below at some of the modern ways to enjoy Indian cuisine ( at home.

Curry Powder ( all goes back to around the Victorian Era when Brits living in India discovered a little spice called curry. The new flavor was something different from what they were used to so they would use it to spice up their leftovers and made up new dishes like Mulligatawny Soup. Curry has only increased in popularity since then, with curry houses popping up in many neighborhoods and large varieties of curry in British supermarkets. Use curry powder to make your own spin on curry, use in vegetables, or use on pretty much anything!

Sauces-We carry quite a few varieties of sauces from Patak’s and Sharwoods that allow Indian cuisine to be made in the comfort of your own home. One of our most popular sauces is the Tikka Masala ( from Sharwoods. This sauce is made with creamy yogurt, coriander, and a blend of flavorful spices. Simply simmer with boneless chicken and enjoy with fragrant basmati rice, vegetables, and naan bread. For something a bit different, try Patak’s Tandoori Sauce ( which help add an aromatic flavor to your meat to make dishes like Tandoori Chicken! These sauces are not just for meat but they can also be used on vegetables!

Chutney ( to dip and sauce, chutneys are one of the key components to a scrumptious Indian meal. Mango, lime pickle, and Major Grey’s chutneys are some of the few tasty examples that have been major successes in both the UK and the US. Chutneys can be enjoyed in and with an assortment of foods, including Samosas.

Puppodums ( that’s unknown to most Americans, puppodums are popular in the UK and enjoyed with Indian food. Puppodums are made from chickpeas and are best fried in hot oil. The fun part about cooking these is that they expand as they cook! Just be very careful as they expand VERY QUICKLY. We’re talking about 2-3 seconds! Once cooked, puppodums should be light and crispy and enjoyed with lime pickle ( or an Indian meal like Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala.

Trivia Time!

The name Tandoori is based from the cylindrical Tandoor oven, which is made from clay or metal that is widely used in Northern India. Naan breads are known to be baked in Tandoor ovens.

In 2001, Tikka Masala was declared as “a true British national dish”.

Takeout food is known as “takeaway” in the UK.

In 1910, a Bengali man named Sake Dean Mahomed opened the first Indian restaurant in London. Sadly, the restaurant closed its doors but opened many for Indian takeaway.

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