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Demi Spoons

Have you ever seen those tiny little spoons that are sometimes displayed in picture frames and wondered what they were for? That was me when I used to go to my aunt’s house. My aunt had a large collection of tiny spoons, which I never thought about until I recently got a set of my own tiny spoons this past Christmas. I used to think they were only for display purposes until someone told me that people actually use these spoons.

These spoons are called a demitasse spoon, or demi* spoon for short, and can be used for just about anything whether it’s tea or even to feed baby food to a baby. These spoons are usually about 3-4 and a 1/2 inches and made from metal.

Demi spoons can be decorative and functional at the same time hence the collectible aspect and who can blame the collectors? These spoons sometimes come with a cute design on top from hearts to teapots. You can collect as many decorative spoons with different designs as the possibilities are endless.

Collecting demi spoons is also very easy. You can easily buy a 6 pack, a 12 pack, or you can buy them individually. Give them as small gifts to guests at a party you’re hosting or you can gift them to someone who collects them. The possibilities are endless!


*Demitasse is derived from the french word “Small cup” for the small cups of coffee that the spoons would accompany.

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