The Holidays Are Here!

Normally November is a bit early to be decorating for the holidays but I think 2020 should be an exception. 2020 has been quite a dismal year. Nobody expected to see a global pandemic in our lifetimes along with so much turmoil and chaos in the world. Sometimes we need to escape from all that. Bring out the Christmas tree, bake cookies, and put on your ugly Christmas sweaters because it’s time to forget about the world for a little bit.

Get baking!
One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to bake. My family and friends always look forward to what I can pull out of the oven. Try to challenge yourself and bake something you’ve never baked before like a pumpkin pie or if you feel really adventurous, a Christmas stollen. We carry all sorts of baking products and ingredients so you can make an apple cinnamon Thanksgiving day scone or a traditional Christmas pudding. We even carry every day staples like baking powder and active dry yeast!

Make a new holiday tradition
Several years ago I chose to include Christmas crackers at my family’s Christmas get-togethers. No, these are not the crackers you eat with cheese, but something entirely different. These are party favors that you can pull (or crack) apart! Each party cracker has a colorful paper crown, some small toys and trinkets along with a silly joke. Or perhaps serve up some delightful Christmas cake to try with your loved ones. Christmas cakes are fruity and actually quite sweet with a punch.

Take some time and put up your Christmas tree, deck the house out in lights, and hang your stockings.

Send Holiday Greetings
Start postmarking your Christmas cards early and get a head start. You can also send one of our Christmas gift baskets to let someone know you are thinking of them. Send your child’s teacher a lovely gift box or send your neighbor a tea and cheese gift basket.

We know it hasn’t been an easy year but the holiday spirit reminds us of what we cherish. Stay safe, and stay healthy this holiday season.


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