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Get Ready for Eurovision 2023!

Get ready for Eurovision!

Last year’s ESC winner was Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the country is unable to host this year’s contest. As a result, last year’s runner-up, the United Kingdom, has stepped in to host on behalf of Ukraine.

This is not the first time another country has taken over hosting duties from the winning country. This will be the UK’s fifth time hosting on behalf of a winning country, having previously done so for the Netherlands in 1960, France in 1963, Monaco in 1972, and Luxembourg in 1974. The most recent hosting for another winner was back in 1980 when the Netherlands hosted in place of 1979’s winner Israel.

Want to celebrate the upcoming music festival? Here’s a few ideas below:

Make a Bucks Fizz!

The UK’s 1981 entry and winner was named after this iconic drink. 

All you would need is about two parts sparkling wine such as prosecco or champagne and orange juice. Technically it’s a mimosa but is 2:1 sparkling wine to orange juice whereas the mimosa is 1:1 sparkling wine and orange juice . The name Bucks Fizz came from the London Buck’s Club in 1921.

To make a non-alcoholic version, swap out sparkling wine for sparkling apple cider or sparkling white grape juice. It may not taste the same as an alcoholic one but it helps everyone join the bubbly fun!

Test your knowledge of Eurovision

To get hyped up for the upcoming music extravaganza, test your friends and family’s knowledge of Eurovision. Some fun questions can be:

What animal represented Ireland in 2008? (Answer: a turkey)

What country has the most wins in Eurovision? (Answer: Ireland)

What country has qualified for the grand final each time they’ve competed in the semi-finals? (Answer: Ukraine)

Other trivia questions can involve both Ukraine and the United Kingdom to celebrate the host countries.

When did Ukraine make their Eurovision debut? (Answer: 2003)

When did the United Kingdom make their Eurovision debut? (Answer: 1957)

When was the last time the United Kingdom hosted Eurovision before this year? (Answer: 1998, in Birmingham, UK)

What other fun Eurovision trivia can you come up with?

Hold a watch party

You can hold a watch party in-person or online. You can watch the two semi-finals and the grand final through NBC’s Peacock. Keep in mind these broadcasts are scheduled for 3pm EST on May 9th, 11th, and 13th. 

Wave flags!

Although it’s a bit too late to order as of this writing, you can still get ready for next year’s Eurovision. Head on over to our sister site United States Flag Store to purchase your favorite European and other flags of the world. We carry Ukrainian, the Union Jack, and just about every other flag you can think of!


Disclaimer: This post has been written with permission by the European Broadcasting Union. This blog is not endorsed in any way, shape or form by the European Broadcasting Union and is written purely for entertainment purposes.

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