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  • Ceremonial Tea

    When people think of a tea ceremony, many think of the Chanoyu in Japan. Others say that “gongfu cha” is a ceremony. Plus many Asian countries have ceremonies for enjoying tea, such as Darye in Korea. (Some folks say that the only true tea ceremony is the Chanoyu in Japan, that the ones in other… Continue reading

  • Teas of the World: South Korean Teas

    Teas are grown in an ever-increasing number of countries in the world, primarily India and China. But a number of Asian countries are getting into the act, including South Korea. The first thing to know is that Koreans call just about anything steeped/infused in hot water by the term “tea.” Something to keep in mind… Continue reading

  • Everything I Didn’t Know About Korean Tea

    Pull up a chair while I tell you everything I know about Korean tea. Although you probably wouldn’t have time to sit down. As for the title of this article, I’m not going to actually attempt to tell you everything I don’t know about Korean tea, because that would be a lot. So I’ll confine… Continue reading

  • Korean Tea

    With no offense intended to Korea, its tea industry or culture, let’s admit that it’s not one of the first countries that comes to mind when the subject of tea is mentioned. Though it stands in the shadows of tea-producing powerhouses like China, India and Japan, tea in Korea is worth taking a closer look… Continue reading

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