Tea Necessities

As you begin to become a more serious tea drinker, you undoubtedly are bound to acquire more tea-ware, but there are a few things that no tea drinker should be without. These will make your tea experiences much more enjoyable and just might have you turning to tea more often (we hope).

Tea Timer

1. Timer Sorry, looking at your watch just doesn’t quite cut it! If you have a kitchen then I’m sure you have some sort of timer. But if you’re a college student, or like to roam while steeping, a small portable timer will be well worth the investment simply for the fact that you learn with your teas and grow with them. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to get side tracked. There is nothing worse than making yourself tea but forgetting about it until 15 minutes later when the tea is beyond bitter!

Tea Thermometer

2. Thermometer — Not exactly a necessity if you plan on sticking to drinking black teas, but it probably wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to have one around anyway. Even with black teas, I’ve found that sometimes even a steeping temperature of 190-200 Fahrenheit produces a much more enjoyable cup than one boiling or just off a boil. Of course if you are in the world of green, white, or even some oolongs, you already know that certain temperatures kill the tea, while others bring certain enlightenment.

Drinking Tea3. Enjoyable Atmosphere — Whether it’s a quiet room, in front of the news, or in your favorite tea house, something must be said for how surroundings transcend all facets of life. Living in an apartment setting has opened me up to just that realization. On several occasions, I’ve been in the middle of a rather enjoyable cup when I heard shouting from the room below mine. While sometimes disturbances are unavoidable, unexpected and unwanted disturbances are best kept to a minimum.

There is also one more important thing to consider when preparing tea — While we all have our favorite cups, sometimes it is best to use something which shows off the color of the tea itself. This can be a hint as to when the tea is done brewing, or when it is at your favorite strength.  Spice up your next tea time with a few key necessities today!

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