Delicious Ti Kuan Yin Recipe

I recently made up a batch of iced Tie Kuan Yin oolong. I chose a greener Tie Kuan Yin, as its lack of roasting has the lighter more delicate flavors often enjoyed during the warmer months of the year.

Now the necessary items for this are a kettle and a brewing device. I chose a large teapot, because it has a filter which  allows me to steep the tea in the pot, giving the leaves room to unfurl completely, and have proper room to steep. I Electric Kettlealso used a large glass pitcher along with a healthy portion of ice.

This delicious recipe for Ti Kuan Yin will make your house smell great, and you’ll always look forward to another glass! This recipe for Ti Kuan Yin is fruity with hints of berries, is slightly alkaline and completely delicious. This is a great thing to have around for summer, it’s a wonderful drink with plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Iced Goddess

  1. 1.5 liters of water boiled and poured into a pot to steep.
  2. 4 rounded soup spoons worth of Green Tie Kuan yin oolong.
  3. Steep 5 minutes.
  4. Pour into pitcher full of ice, and add more as needed.
  5. Serve

Iced Ti Kuan Yin

This is also a great idea for parties! Also, you can make at least two batches with the Ti Kuan Yin leaves, as oolongs are typically great for multiple infusions. With most oolongs you can get at least 4 steeps, but it also depends on how long you steep it for. With a 5 minute steep I’d expect between 2 and 3 but you might find a tea that surprises you and can do five or six steeps at five minutes apiece. Sugar may be added but I feel it is wholly unnecessary.

So for your next party make some Tie Kuan Yin Iced Goddess, it’s healthy, tasty, and sure to be every ones favorite!

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