Interesting Uses for Tea

There are many uses for tea other than merely drinking the delicious infusion. One of tea’s alternative uses is for antiquing paper to give it the appearance of some long forgotten document aged by the passage of time.

Old PaperSimply brew a strong pot of tea using one extra tea bag than usual. Let the tea brew for a few minutes and allow it to cool and you should be ready to create your masterpiece. Dip a ball of cotton into the liquid and begin wiping tea on one surface of the paper at a time. To antique the edges of the paper squeeze tea out of the teabag while holding the paper vertically. Repeat this process on all sides using fresh tea bags as necessary and allow the paper to dry thoroughly. For a more ancient look, rip the paper and re-stain the ripped parts. When you are satisfied with the way the paper looks, take a calligraphy pen and create a faux document.

Other uses for tea include diluting leftover cold or stewed tea from the teapot and feeding it liberally to houseplants. PlantThis method was taught to me by my mother whose houseplants grew beyond belief. I remember giving her a rubber plant for Mother’s Day one year–nine months later the plant had reached the ceiling and had begun to travel across it at will. Needless to say, the cold tea method of houseplant feeding encourages vigorous growth and healthy looking houseplants.

Teabags also contain medicinal value especially where cold sores are concerned. Simply place a used wet tea bag on the cold sore for two minutes for pain relief and to help kill bacteria. Tired puffy eyes or eyes with dark circles under them can benefit from cool wet teabags applied to closed eyes for 15 minutes. Your eyes will feel refreshed after the teabag treatment and the dark circles, puffiness, or bags under them should be considerably improved. Additionally, wet teabags can be applied to relieve sunburn, bug bites, razor burn, and small cuts and abrasions.

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