Review — Stash Vanilla Nut Creme Decaf Tea Review

stashvanillanutName: Vanilla Nut Creme Decaf Tea

Brand: Stash

Type: Black tea, flavored, decaf

Form: Paper tea bags, individually wrapped

Review: In my recent post on tea as a weight-loss tool, I noted that flavored teas can be used to curb cravings: This tea, by Stash, is a perfect example of just such a tea: Packed in individually wrapped paper tea bags (very convenient), it is a sweet beverage with minimal  (remember, even “decaf” teas have some caffeine in them).

The tea infuses to a medium-brown and has a nose that, one of my friends noted, is remincient of cake batter. This is a very strongly scented tea: I recall making it at work and co-workers from the pods next to me would come over to see “what was cooking”.

The taste, without the addition of some sort of sweetener,  is not as rich as the nose would suggest: For one thing, it is not particularly sweet. It is quite palatable, however, and the vanilla notes dominate.

(By adding a bit of milk and sweetener, the tea becomes a creamy, sweet treat that reminds me of the “steamers” that many coffee houses offer which are made up of hot milk and flavored syrups.)

Tea lovers should note, however, that the flavor of tea itself is not particularly apparent in Stash’s Vanilla Nut Creme Decaf:  The decaffeination  process itself blunts the distinctive taste of tea, and the fairly heavy flavoring/scenting of this tea masks the tea’s flavor even more. Vanilla lovers, on the other hand, should be very happy with this tea!

Tips: This tea should be consumed hot: The flavors don’t work particularly well on ice. Drink on its own or with a plain dessert of some sort: Shortbread, pound cake, spice cake, etc.  Add milk and sweetening for a creamy treat, but do also try it on its own, or perhaps with a cinnamon stick.

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