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Review — Twinings Lady Grey Tea Review

englishteastore_2055_43147606Name: Lady Grey

Brand: Twinings

Type: Black tea, flavored

Form: Paper tea bags, individually wrapped

Review: Many people, even those who don’t drink tea regularly, are familiar with Earl Grey tea, perhaps the most popular flavored tea ever made! Earl Grey is made by blending black tea leaves with oil of bergamot (bergamot is a small, Italian, citrus fruit).

An interesting, and very popular, alternative to “standard” Earl Grey tea is Lady Grey. Lady Grey tea is a light black tea blend, which has been flavored with lemon and orange, as well as bergamot.  The result is medium-brown, light bodied tea with a definite citrus kick.

I have tried this tea both iced and hot, and found it to be good both ways, but I definitely prefer it cold, as the crisp citrus notes are at their most lively on ice. I’d also recommend this tea for those who find bergamot too intense: The orange and lemon add a sweetness to the tea and lighten the piquancy of bergamot.

Tips: This is a nice segue into Earl Grey for those who might be put-off by bergamot. This tea is particularly good iced, and its citrus notes make it a great option when fresh lemons are not available.

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3 responses to “Review — Twinings Lady Grey Tea Review”

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  3. I have always loved citrus. Citrus and Tea together is a fantastic choice everytime. I have found most Citrus Teas to be very good. However, occasionally you do find one that has so much Citrus it overpowers the Tea. Sounds like this one has a nice balance.

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