Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea Review

I just looked at our Twitter, and I’m amazed at all the recent comments about English Tea Store’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party tea.  I never realized how popular it was, even though we constantly get fantastic comments about it (they just keep building up).  Church groups have tea parties and they decide on the Palace Party tea, women have tea-themed baby showers, and they brew Buckingham Palace, and many have used as a Mother’s Day Tea.

This tea has maintained a 5 star rating on our website. Although it is not our top seller, it’s in our top 5.  Buckingham Palace is a great tea to have with friends.

This truly is the first English Tea Store blend that I fell in love with, and as a matter of fact, I know it is a favorite of a few of my fellow tea-drinking co-workers.

The tea itself is very pretty and inviting – a long leaf black tea, mixed with cornflower petals for visual effect.  It’s flavored with jasmine flowers and bergamot, of course giving it a very delicate, yet complex, but light floral–Earl Grey flavor.  The infusion is bright, and gives off a pleasant jasmine aroma.

This is one of the few teas that I think is much better hot than iced.  I prefer to add a little sugar to mine, but I’ve heard of others who like to add milk or lemon, and of course, there are those who drink it as is.  The Palace Party tea is a tea that I enjoy with breakfast, (particularly with sweet things, especially toast with jam), but the delicate blend is also suitable as an afternoon tea.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea comes in resealable bags of 25 and 50 teabags, or loose leaf – either, as a matter of fact, are very nice – so take your pick!  It’s one of our top 5 most popular teas, and everyone on the Twitter has been raving about it for a reason!

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