Review —French Blend Black Tea

French blend black tea
French blend black tea

This exquisitely feminine and floral blend of black teas, jasmine, lavender, bergamot and vanilla is a beautiful treat to drink either day or night. There is a wide variety of black teas in the overall blend, providing for a strong, robust black tea base created from Ceylon, Assam, Nilgiri, Kenyan and Chinese black teas.   Because of the wide variety of teas in the blend, no one tea stands out from the rest and you get a nice strong “generic” black tea base, which is the perfect background for this delightful French Blend Black Tea.

The bergamot is the most predominant flavor, making this tea a lovely and strong Earl Grey variety.   Along with the strong citrusy floral notes of the bergamot, The English Tea Store has also blended strong and relaxing lavender, delicate yet ambrosial jasmine notes, and undertones of deep warm vanilla.  As you can see, this blend is beautiful both aesthetically and in regards to overall flavor.

Although sugar helps to bring out the lovely flavorings in this tea, along with helping to soften it a bit, milk or milk alternative is not recommended as it would drown out the more subtle nuances and undertones of this tea which are so completely fabulous and unique.

As you can imagine, this blend is extremely delicate, and therefore best served hot to preserve all of it’s wonderful flavors.  I really think that the bergamot and lavender combination is one of the best I’ve tasted, as lavender is very complimentary to bergamot oils.

A very aromatic tea, the fragrance of this tea is just as rewarding to your senses as the flavor.  With strong floral notes, and the essence of a bold Earl Grey, this tea is beautiful to enjoy anytime of day or night.  The robust, malty black tea base is nearly as fragrant as the flowers that abound within the tea leaves.  A beautiful tea blend!


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